EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection


Injection systems have been around for quite a while in the auto industry and until recently they were all based on a certain technology which takes advantage of a mechanical injection system. However, the electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is quickly taking over and has proven to have many benefits in comparison to its predecessor.



The electronic injection is depending on the groundwork through the injection by regulating the doses electronically. It presents great advantages over its predecessor, the carburetor. Carburetor based its operation in a purely mechanical system and it was not able to provide a mix of marches in distinct essentials, so highlighting the irregularities, which were mostly in the low quantities.

The dose that is greatest to control the electronic injection considering the temperature and engine speed, which lets a chilly beginning and a shorter running efficiently during the heating.

These preceding reasons, make this technology as one of the most sought after in the past decade, because it's reducing environmental pollution. The electronic injection enables precise entrance of fuel which is needed, when precisely which is required. The percentage of the engine that makes it possible to reduce polluting gases, coming out of the exhaust during any movement all the time of fuel and air tightness.

Moreover, these systems allow us to optimize the probability of the design drivers for entry which are made to seek the use of aerodynamic flows, thus allowing a form to fill the cylinders more efficiently, thereby reaching higher power.

In summary we see the main advantages are: reduction of gaseous pollutants, but with an advancement in the running of the engine in any scheme of this and lower power consumption.

Categorization of the electronic injection systems are:

On the number of nozzles with the well known single point and multipoint.

In the single-injection systems, there's only one injector which supplies fuel to the intake manifold.

Other kinds of categorizations are depending on where it is injected whether directly or indirectly and another form is founded on the number of shots, that might be constant, irregular and by kind of procedure like electric, mechanical and electronic injection.

The indirect injection generally used, refers to the system the fuel is added into the intake collector while the direct injection functioning is founded on the injection of fuel directly into the cylinder. The latter is growing into more and more versions and is newer.

The latter kind is further divided into three classes: sequential and simultaneous semi-serial. In pairs, the fuel is injected in semi-sequential by two nozzles' action. In the coincident, the fuel is injected concurrently together, playing all nozzles at the same time.

So as you can see, in conclusion the electronic fuel injection system is one that is highly-rated and possesses many benefits in comparison to its predecessor, also known as the carburetor. There are an abundance of benefits ranging from a minimization of the pollutants which are gaseous in nature, lower power consumption, and more. In addition to this, it's important to remember to have a matching engine management system (EMS). Failing to do so could result in being problematic and you definitely don't want to get involved in problems regarding your fuel injection system and your engine management system.


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